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Made you click Now I've spammed your heart, hehe.

Hello again. Do I need re-intro? I don't know. Regardless, in case I'm Nai. I've spelled it Nay and before that, Nadia. It's all the same ;).

I'm on the road (aka driving it) a lot for my job so mostly I'll be lurking when I can squeeze in time I should be using for sleeping lol. I'll probably pick up characters as I can manage but no guarantees for plenty. I'm open to reboots or new ideas but since my time is limited, we'd both have to commit. You're locked in . Lol but for real though, only ask if you're into it and I'll let you know if or when I can get to it.

Anyway, back into the shadows...

you're mistaking all my mistakes for my crooked nature