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I had a couple of ideas of what we could possibly do to help boost activity and give more incentive to post for people who may just be struggling with muse/direction at the moment. I think that maybe giving some incentives and challenges could be helpful on a board wide aspect, as opposed to individual games?

BOARD WIDE WORD COUNT CHALLENGE: Over a space of time (like a month/six weeks) we can all post a word count for any IC post we do on the board (a post in Seoul, MS, LCDM, LA etc) into a universal pool to see if we can reach a goal (such as 1,000,000 words for example) and if we make it then there's some prizes like a custom scheme/mod rights on a forum/creating a game event.

BINGO: Give 15 targets for members to reach such as "Post 10 times in LCDM" or "Have a text thread reach 5 pages" or "Have a character kiss someone" to try and incentivise people to work towards targets?

GAME EVENTS: Maybe not full subforums but maybe some more seasonal events in games such as April Fool's/Easter in April, Pride in June etc. Would not have to be every game but maybe work on a cycle? Some games wouldn't lend themselves to this such as Ascension because zombie apocalypse > celebrating Thanksgiving :P

STREAMLINING GAMES?: It may be an idea to try and streamline some of the RL games as I noticed that many of them haven't even had a post in 2021 so far. This is also true of the supernatural games but they are all separate verses so it may be harder to do that.

A NEW GAME?: Nothing sparked activity and interest more in the past than the promise of a new game setting so maybe it could help to refresh people with what they're feeling or some new faces that they'd like to use? I know I have about a gajillion new generic white boys to turn into characters

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