House of Madness
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You walk along the dusky path, your eyes squinting as if what you see in front of you cannot be real? A carnival? Here in the middle of nowhere? This cannot be. Yet, you steadily draw closer, your eyes taking in all of the lights. Your eyes perk at the shrill sound of laughter… or are those screams? It doesn't matter, because you're at the ticket booth. A golden ticket falls into your hand and your are thrown into The House of Madness.

The Proprieter, a devilish pixie with an impressive mustache and dirty mouth, helped dream this hellhole into an existence along with The Ringleader. Note their differences. Where the imp is short, her companion is a rake-thin rogue with a shabby top hat that barely masks her charismatic smile. "I want to make a place where your eyes can deceive you. Reality is a dream and the dream is your reality." The Ringleader, busy teaching a pair of birds how to march in a straight line looked up puzzled. The Proprietor was serious it seemed. As serious as a little man with suspenders could be. "My dear friend, I too have the same dream. Let us help one another." Hang in hand, the odd pair traversed the world in recruitment for more misfits to join their family. Together, they would all make this dream come true.

Charming innocent victims with her dazzling smile and flirty love song, The Star Attraction bathes in the golden spotlight. Be careful though. Not even her sweet smile could mask her dangerously sharp teeth. Dark and handsome, The Magician will bewitch you with his ultraviolet eyes and spectacles of trickery and slight of hand. In a trance, he can make his enemies disappear and the world will not remember them. Lest we not forget The Mystic, a shadowy figure who flits in and out the shadows. She whispers a prophecy that will change your life before disappearing into thin air like a ghost and leaving your life forever changed.

Their dream of a place where you could unleash the devil or the angel inside of you was fully realized. This board is a dangerous carnival that features a circus of monstrosities (our lovely members) and thrill rides (role playing games) that will take your breath away. The teams of carnies, freaks, performers, and animal trainers here create legendary tales to be remembered forever. So enter if you dare. Join the insanity.

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