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A weird howling sound echoes through the night, and a full moon casts an eerie glow through the thick fog that shrouds the ground. Small creatures scatter through the undergrowth, or dive into burrows. A flock of small birds erupt into the air and spiral off through the night. A shambling form staggers into view, slime dripping off every appendage. Its fearsome maw opens and emits an unearthly screech. ďWHO left the seat up in the outside looÖTHIS time?

Hi everyone, now Iíve cleaned off... where was I? Ah YesÖ Iím Paul. Iíve been roleplaying for over ten years, but Iíve taken a recent break due to work pressures. Iím looking forward to roleplaying again, and I canít wait to try out some new characters, or maybe revive an old one or two.

When Iím not at work or roleplaying, I read a wide variety of books, watch NCIS, play SIMS, play board games and walk the dog. Not all at onceÖ lol.